When running CAVE via the commandline you can use the following arguments to control it’s behaviour:


  • --folders: path(s) to folder(s) containing the SMAC3-output (works with output/run_*)


  • --output: where to save the CAVE-output

  • --file_format: of results to be analyzed, choose from SMAC3, SMAC2, CSV or BOHB.

  • --validation_format: of (optional) validation data (to enhance epm-quality where appropriate), choose from SMAC3, SMAC2, CSV or None.

  • --ta_exec_dir: target algorithm execution directory, this should be a path to the directory from which the Configurator was run initially (e.g. used to find relative instance-files and if necessary execute the algo-parameter of the SMAC-scenario). (DEFAULT: current working directory)

Analysis-control (what methods to use in what way):

  • --parameter_importance: calculating parameter importance is expensive, so you can specify which plots you desire: ablation, forward_selection, fanova and/or lpi. either provide a combination of those or use all or none

  • --feature_analysis: analysis of features is expensive, so you can specify which algorithm to run: box_violin, clustering, importance and/or feature_cdf. either provide a combination of those or use all or none

  • --no_tabular_analysis: toggles the tabular analysis

  • --no_ecdf, --no_scatter_plots: toggle ecdf- and scatter-plots

  • --no_cost_over_time: toggles the cost-over-time plot

  • --no_parallel_coordinates: toggles the parallel-coordinates plot

  • --no_configurator_footprint: toggles the configurator-footprints

  • --no_algorithm_footprints: toggles the algorithm-footprints

  • --cfp_time_slider: how to display the over-time development of the configurator footprint, choose from off (which yields only the final interactive plot), static (which yields a number of .png`s to click through), `online (which generates a time-slider-widget - might be slow interaction on big data) and prerender (which also generates time-slider, but large file with low interaction time)

  • --cfp_number_quantiles: if time-slider for configurator footprints is not off, determines the number of different quantiles to look at


If you analyze BOHB-results, you can only provide one folder.