When running CAVE via the commandline you can use the following arguments to control it’s behaviour:


  • (--folders): path(s) to folder(s) containing the (parallel) configurator-output (works with glob-like output/run_*). while the explicit call with –folders is still supported, CAVE will interpret all positional arguments as folders


  • --output: where to save the CAVE-output

  • --ta_exec_dir: only relevant when using scenario-files that redirect to relative files. path to the execution-directory of the configurator run. ta_exec_dir is the path from which the scenario is loaded, so the instance-/pcs-files specified in the scenario, so they are relative to this path (e.g. ‘ta_exec_dir/path_to_train_inst_specified_in_scenario.txt’).

  • (--file_format): (deprecated, should be detected automatically) only use this if automatic file format detection fails. choose from SMAC3, SMAC2, CSV or BOHB.

  • --validation_format: (deprecated, should be detected automatically) of (optional) validation data (to enhance epm-quality where appropriate), choose from SMAC3, SMAC2, CSV or None.

Analysis-control (what methods to use in what way):

  • –skip and –only: specify any number of analyzing methods here. when using –skip CAVE runs all except those, when using –only CAVE runs only those specified. –skip and –only are mutually exclusive. Legal values include:

    • ablation

    • algorithm_footprints

    • bohb_learning_curves

    • box_violin

    • budget_correlation

    • clustering

    • configurator_footprint

    • correlation

    • cost_over_time

    • ecdf

    • fanova

    • forward_selection

    • importance

    • incumbents_over_budgets

    • local_parameter_importance

    • lpi

    • parallel_coordinates

    • performance_table

    • scatter_plot

Some flags provide additional fine-tuning of the analysis methods:

  • –cfp_time_slider: on will add a time-slider to the interactive configurator footprint which will result in longer loading times, off will generate static png’s at the desired quantiles

  • –cfp_number_quantiles: determines how many time-steps to prerender from in the configurator footprint

  • –cot_inc_traj: how the incumbent trajectory for the cost-over-time plot will be generated if the optimizer is BOHB (from [racing, minimum, prefer_higher_budget])

For a full list of the currently supported flags, see cave –help. cave –help