cave.plot.scatter module

cave.plot.scatter.plot_scatter_plot(x_data, y_data, labels, title='', min_val=None, max_val=1000, grey_factor=1, linefactors=None, user_fontsize=22, dpi=100, metric='runtime', jitter_timeout=True, markers=None, sizes=None, out_fn=None)[source]

Method to generate a scatter plot :param x_data: performance values of one algorithm :type x_data: numpy.array :param y_data: performance values of the other algorithm :type y_data: numpy.array :param labels: (xlabel, ylabel) :type labels: tuple :param title: title of plot :type title: str :param min_val: minimal value to plot :type min_val: float :param max_val: maximal value to plot :type max_val: float :param grey_factor: grey factor of points with a speedup of less 2 :type grey_factor: float :param linefactors: factors of speedups :type linefactors: list of floats :param user_fontsize: font size :type user_fontsize: int :param dpi: resolution :type dpi: int :param metric: “runtime” or something else :type metric: str :param jitter_timeout: Add some noise to remove timeout clutter :type jitter_timeout: bool