cave.utils.convert_for_epm module

cave.utils.convert_for_epm.convert_data_for_epm(scenario: smac.scenario.scenario.Scenario, runhistory: smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory, impute_inactive_parameters=False, rng=None, logger=None)[source]

converts data from runhistory into EPM format

  • scenario (Scenario) – smac.scenario.scenario.Scenario Object

  • runhistory (RunHistory) – smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory Object with all necessary data

  • impute_inactive_parameters (bool) – whether to impute all inactive parameters in all configurations - this is needed for random forests, as they do not accept nan-values


  • X (np.array) – X matrix with configuartion x features for all observed samples

  • y (np.array) – y matrix with all observations

  • types (np.array) – types of X cols – necessary to train our RF implementation