module, path, logger)[source]

Export bokeh-plot to png-file. Create directory if necessary

  • plot (bokeh.plotting.figure) – bokeh plot to export
  • path (str) – path to save plot to
  • logger (Logger) – logger for debugging, cs, logger)[source]

Load configurations.csv in the following format:

CONFIG_ID parameter_name1 parameter_name2
0 value1 value2
  • path (str) – path to csv-file
  • cs (ConfigurationSpace) – configspace with matching parameters
  • logger (Logger) – logger for debugs

(parameters, id_to_config) – parameter-names and dict mapping ids to Configurations

Return type:

(str, dict), logger, apply_numeric=True, delimiter=', ')[source]

Load csv-file and return pd.DataFrame. First line of file is expected to be the header.

  • csv_path (str) – path to csv-file
  • logger (logging.Logger) – logger, for debugging
  • apply_numeric (boolean) – whether to an attempt should be taken to turn columns into numeric values.
  • delimiter (str) – can be used to determine custom delimiter

data_frame – csv-dataframe

Return type: