Abstract base class for acquisition function.


class smac.acquisition.function.abstract_acquisition_function.AbstractAcquisitionFunction[source]

Bases: object

Abstract base class for acquisition function.


Compute the acquisition value for a given configuration.


configurations (list[Configuration]) – The configurations where the acquisition function should be evaluated.


Acquisition values for X

Return type:

np.ndarray [N, 1]

property meta: dict[str, Any]

Returns the meta data of the created object.

property model: AbstractModel | None

Return the used surrogate model in the acquisition function.

property name: str

Returns the full name of the acquisition function.

update(model, **kwargs)[source]

Update the acquisition function attributes required for calculation.

This method will be called after fitting the model, but before maximizing the acquisition function. As an examples, EI uses it to update the current fmin. The default implementation only updates the attributes of the acqusition function which are already present.

Calls _update to update the acquisition function attributes.

  • model (AbstractModel) – The model which was used to fit the data.

  • kwargs (Any) – Additional arguments to update the specific acquisition function.

Return type: