Example 6 - Analysis of a RunΒΆ

This example takes a run from example 5 and performs some analysis of it. It shows how to get the best performing configuration, and its attributes. More advanced analysis plots provide some insights into a run and the problem.

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Best found configuration:
{'dropout_rate': 0.02991456374412696, 'lr': 0.00953443304046064, 'num_conv_layers': 1, 'num_fc_units': 184, 'num_filters_1': 21, 'optimizer': 'Adam'}
It achieved accuracies of 0.964844 (validation) and 0.964400 (test).

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import hpbandster.core.result as hpres
import hpbandster.visualization as hpvis

# load the example run from the log files
result = hpres.logged_results_to_HBS_result('example_5_run/')

# get all executed runs
all_runs = result.get_all_runs()

# get the 'dict' that translates config ids to the actual configurations
id2conf = result.get_id2config_mapping()

# Here is how you get he incumbent (best configuration)
inc_id = result.get_incumbent_id()

# let's grab the run on the highest budget
inc_runs = result.get_runs_by_id(inc_id)
inc_run = inc_runs[-1]

# We have access to all information: the config, the loss observed during
#optimization, and all the additional information
inc_loss = inc_run.loss
inc_config = id2conf[inc_id]['config']
inc_test_loss = inc_run.info['test accuracy']

print('Best found configuration:')
print('It achieved accuracies of %f (validation) and %f (test).'%(1-inc_loss, inc_test_loss))

# Let's plot the observed losses grouped by budget,

# the number of concurent runs,

# and the number of finished runs.

# This one visualizes the spearman rank correlation coefficients of the losses
# between different budgets.

# For model based optimizers, one might wonder how much the model actually helped.
# The next plot compares the performance of configs picked by the model vs. random ones
hpvis.performance_histogram_model_vs_random(all_runs, id2conf)


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