Worker for Examples 1-4ΒΆ

This class implements a very simple worker used in the firt examples.

import numpy
import time

import ConfigSpace as CS
from hpbandster.core.worker import Worker

class MyWorker(Worker):

    def __init__(self, *args, sleep_interval=0, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        self.sleep_interval = sleep_interval

    def compute(self, config, budget, **kwargs):
        Simple example for a compute function
        The loss is just a the config + some noise (that decreases with the budget)

        For dramatization, the function can sleep for a given interval to emphasizes
        the speed ups achievable with parallel workers.

            config: dictionary containing the sampled configurations by the optimizer
            budget: (float) amount of time/epochs/etc. the model can use to train

            dictionary with mandatory fields:
                'loss' (scalar)
                'info' (dict)

        res = numpy.clip(config['x'] + numpy.random.randn()/budget, config['x']/2, 1.5*config['x'])

                    'loss': float(res),  # this is the a mandatory field to run hyperband
                    'info': res  # can be used for any user-defined information - also mandatory

    def get_configspace():
        config_space = CS.ConfigurationSpace()
        config_space.add_hyperparameter(CS.UniformFloatHyperparameter('x', lower=0, upper=1))

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