AbstractGaussianProcess(configspace, kernel)

Abstract base class for all Gaussian process models.


class smac.model.gaussian_process.abstract_gaussian_process.AbstractGaussianProcess(configspace, kernel, instance_features=None, pca_components=7, seed=0)[source]

Bases: AbstractModel

Abstract base class for all Gaussian process models.

  • configspace (ConfigurationSpace) –

  • kernel (Kernel) – Kernel which is used for the Gaussian process.

  • instance_features (dict[str, list[int | float]] | None, defaults to None) – Features (list of int or floats) of the instances (str). The features are incorporated into the X data, on which the model is trained on.

  • pca_components (float, defaults to 7) – Number of components to keep when using PCA to reduce dimensionality of instance features.

  • seed (int) –

property meta: dict[str, Any]

Returns the meta data of the created object.