SMAC cannot be imported.

Try to either run SMAC from SMAC’s root directory or try to run the installation first.

pyrfr raises cryptic import errors.

Ensure that the gcc used to compile the pyrfr is the same as used for linking during execution. This often happens with Anaconda – see Installation for a solution.

My target algorithm is not accepted, when using the scenario-file.

Make sure that your algorithm accepts commandline options as provided by SMAC. Refer to commandline execution for details on how to wrap your algorithm.

You can also run SMAC with --verbose DEBUG to see how SMAC tried to call your algorithm.

Can I restore SMAC from a previous state?

Use the restore-option.

I discovered a bug/have criticism or ideas on SMAC. Where should

I report to?

SMAC uses the GitHub issue-tracker to take care of bugs and questions. If you experience problems with SMAC, try to provide a full error report with all the typical information (OS, version, console-output, minimum working example, …). This makes it a lot easier to reproduce the error and locate the problem.


  • SMAC: Sequential Model-Based Algorithm Configuration
  • ROAR: Random Online Adaptive Racing
  • PCS: Parameter Configuration Space
  • TAE: Target Algorithm Evaluator