smac.initial_design.default_configuration_design module

class smac.initial_design.default_configuration_design.DefaultConfiguration(tae_runner: smac.tae.execute_ta_run.ExecuteTARun, scenario: smac.scenario.scenario.Scenario, stats: smac.stats.stats.Stats, traj_logger:, rng: mtrand.RandomState)[source]

Bases: smac.initial_design.single_config_initial_design.SingleConfigInitialDesign

Initial design that evaluates default configuration


  • tae_runner (ExecuteTARun) – Target algorithm execution object.
  • scenario (Scenario) – Scenario with all meta information (including configuration space).
  • stats (Stats) – Statistics of experiments; needed in case initial design already exhausts the budget.
  • traj_logger (TrajLogger) – Trajectory logging to add new incumbents found by the initial design.
  • rng (np.random.RandomState) – Random state

Runs the initial design by calling the target algorithm and adding new entries to the trajectory logger.

Returns:incumbent – Initial incumbent configuration
Return type:Configuration