smac.facade.func_facade module

smac.facade.func_facade.fmin_smac(func: <built-in function callable>, x0: list, bounds: list, maxfun: int = -1, maxtime: int = -1, rng: mtrand.RandomState = None)[source]

Minimize a function func using the SMAC algorithm. This function is a convenience wrapper for the SMAC class.

  • func (callable f(x)) – Function to minimize.
  • x0 (list) – Initial guess/default configuration.
  • bounds (list) – (min, max) pairs for each element in x, defining the bound on that parameters.
  • maxtime (int, optional) – Maximum runtime in seconds.
  • maxfun (int, optional) – Maximum number of function evaluations.
  • rng (np.random.RandomState, optional) – Random number generator used by SMAC.

  • x (list) – Estimated position of the minimum.
  • f (float) – Value of func at the minimum.
  • s (smac.facade.smac_facade.SMAC) – SMAC objects which enables the user to get e.g., the trajectory and runhistory.