Source code for smac.optimizer.pSMAC

import re
import tempfile
import os
import typing
import logging
import glob

from smac.runhistory.runhistory import RunHistory
from smac.configspace import ConfigurationSpace

RUNHISTORY_FILEPATTERN = 'runhistory.json'
RUNHISTORY_RE = r'runhistory\.json'

[docs]def read(run_history: RunHistory, output_dirs: typing.Union[str, typing.List[str]], configuration_space: ConfigurationSpace, logger: logging.Logger): """Update runhistory with run results from concurrent runs of pSMAC. Parameters ---------- run_history : smac.runhistory.RunHistory RunHistory object to be updated with run information from runhistory objects stored in the output directory. output_dirs : typing.Union[str,typing.List[str]] List of SMAC output directories or Linux path expression (str) which will be casted into a list with glob.glob(). This function will search the output directories for files matching the runhistory regular expression. configuration_space : ConfigSpace.ConfigurationSpace A ConfigurationSpace object to check if loaded configurations are valid. logger : logging.Logger """ numruns_in_runhistory = len( initial_numruns_in_runhistory = numruns_in_runhistory if isinstance(output_dirs, str): output_dirs = glob.glob(output_dirs) for output_directory in output_dirs: for file_in_output_directory in os.listdir(output_directory): match = re.match(RUNHISTORY_RE, file_in_output_directory) if match: runhistory_file = os.path.join(output_directory, file_in_output_directory) run_history.update_from_json(runhistory_file, configuration_space) new_numruns_in_runhistory = len( difference = new_numruns_in_runhistory - numruns_in_runhistory logger.debug('Shared model mode: Loaded %d new runs from %s' % (difference, runhistory_file)) numruns_in_runhistory = new_numruns_in_runhistory difference = numruns_in_runhistory - initial_numruns_in_runhistory logger.debug('Shared model mode: Finished loading new runs, found %d new ' 'runs.' % difference)
[docs]def write(run_history: RunHistory, output_directory: str): """Write the runhistory to the output directory. Overwrites previously outputted runhistories. Parameters ---------- run_history : ~smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory RunHistory object to be saved. output_directory : str """ output_filename = os.path.join(output_directory, RUNHISTORY_FILEPATTERN) with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile('wb', dir=output_directory, delete=False) as fh: temporary_filename = run_history.save_json(temporary_filename, save_external=False) os.rename(temporary_filename, output_filename)