smac.optimizer.pSMAC module smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory, output_dirs: Union[str, List[str]], configuration_space: ConfigSpace.configuration_space.ConfigurationSpace, logger: logging.Logger) None

Update runhistory with run results from concurrent runs of pSMAC.

  • run_history (smac.runhistory.RunHistory) – RunHistory object to be updated with run information from runhistory objects stored in the output directory.

  • output_dirs (typing.Union[str,typing.List[str]]) – List of SMAC output directories or Linux path expression (str) which will be casted into a list with glob.glob(). This function will search the output directories for files matching the runhistory regular expression.

  • configuration_space (ConfigSpace.ConfigurationSpace) – A ConfigurationSpace object to check if loaded configurations are valid.

  • logger (logging.Logger) –

smac.optimizer.pSMAC.write(run_history: smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory, output_directory: str, logger: logging.Logger) None

Write the runhistory to the output directory.

Overwrites previously outputted runhistories.

  • run_history (RunHistory) – RunHistory object to be saved.

  • output_directory (str) –

  • logger (logging.Logger) –