smac.facade.roar_facade module

class smac.facade.roar_facade.ROAR(scenario: smac.scenario.scenario.Scenario, tae_runner: Optional[Union[Type[smac.tae.execute_ta_run.ExecuteTARun], Callable]] = None, tae_runner_kwargs: Optional[Dict] = None, runhistory: smac.runhistory.runhistory.RunHistory = None, intensifier: Optional[Type[smac.intensification.abstract_racer.AbstractRacer]] = None, intensifier_kwargs: Optional[Dict] = None, acquisition_function_optimizer: Optional[Type[smac.optimizer.ei_optimization.AcquisitionFunctionMaximizer]] = None, acquisition_function_optimizer_kwargs: Optional[dict] = None, initial_design: Optional[Type[smac.initial_design.initial_design.InitialDesign]] = None, initial_design_kwargs: Optional[dict] = None, initial_configurations: List[ConfigSpace.configuration_space.Configuration] = None, stats: smac.stats.stats.Stats = None, rng: numpy.random.mtrand.RandomState = None, run_id: int = 1)[source]

Bases: smac.facade.smac_ac_facade.SMAC4AC

Facade to use ROAR mode


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  • scenario (smac.scenario.scenario.Scenario) – Scenario object

  • tae_runner (smac.tae.execute_ta_run.ExecuteTARun or callable) – Callable or implementation of ExecuteTARun. In case a callable is passed it will be wrapped by ExecuteTAFuncDict. If not set, it will be initialized with the ExecuteTARunOld.

  • tae_runner_kwargs (Optional[Dict]) – arguments passed to constructor of ‘~tae_runner’

  • runhistory (RunHistory) – Runhistory to store all algorithm runs

  • intensifier (AbstractRacer) – intensification object to issue a racing to decide the current incumbent

  • intensifier_kwargs (Optional[Dict]) – arguments passed to the constructor of ‘~intensifier’

  • acquisition_function_optimizer (AcquisitionFunctionMaximizer) – Object that implements the AcquisitionFunctionMaximizer. Will use smac.optimizer.ei_optimization.RandomSearch if not set. Can be used to perform random search over a fixed set of configurations.

  • acquisition_function_optimizer_kwargs (Optional[dict]) – Arguments passed to constructor of ‘~acquisition_function_optimizer’

  • initial_design (InitialDesign) – initial sampling design

  • initial_design_kwargs (Optional[dict]) – arguments passed to constructor of `~initial_design’

  • initial_configurations (typing.List[Configuration]) – list of initial configurations for initial design – cannot be used together with initial_design

  • stats (Stats) – optional stats object

  • rng (np.random.RandomState) – Random number generator

  • run_id (int, (default: 1)) – Run ID will be used as subfolder for output_dir.