smac.epm.base_imputor module

class smac.epm.base_imputor.BaseImputor[source]

Bases: object

Abstract implementation of the Imputation API.

abstract impute(censored_X: numpy.ndarray, censored_y: numpy.ndarray, uncensored_X: numpy.ndarray, uncensored_y: numpy.ndarray) numpy.ndarray[source]

Imputes censored runs and returns new y values.

  • censored_X (np.ndarray [N, M]) – Feature array of all censored runs.

  • censored_y (np.ndarray [N, 1]) – Target values for all runs censored runs.

  • uncensored_X (np.ndarray [N, M]) – Feature array of all non-censored runs.

  • uncensored_y (np.ndarray [N, 1]) – Target values for all non-censored runs.


imputed_y – Same shape as censored_y [N, 1]

Return type