Source code for hpbandster.core.nameserver

import os
import pickle
import json
import threading

import Pyro4.naming

[docs]def nic_name_to_host(nic_name): """ helper function to translate the name of a network card into a valid host name""" from netifaces import ifaddresses, AF_INET host = ifaddresses(nic_name).setdefault(AF_INET, [{'addr': 'No IP addr'}] )[0]['addr'] return(host)
[docs]class NameServer(object): """ The nameserver serves as a phonebook-like lookup table for your workers. Unique names are created so the workers can work in parallel and register their results without creating racing conditions. The implementation uses `PYRO4 <>`_ as a backend and this class is basically a wrapper. """ def __init__(self, run_id, working_directory=None, host=None, port=0, nic_name=None): """ Parameters ---------- run_id: str unique run_id associated with the HPB run working_directory: str path to the working directory of the HPB run to store the nameservers credentials. If None, no config file will be written. host: str the hostname to use for the nameserver port: int the port to be used. Default (=0) means a random port nic_name: str name of the network interface to use (only used if host is not given) """ self.run_id = run_id = host self.nic_name = nic_name self.port = port self.dir = working_directory self.conf_fn = None self.pyro_ns = None
[docs] def start(self): """ starts a Pyro4 nameserver in a separate thread Returns ------- tuple (str, int): the host name and the used port """ if is None: if self.nic_name is None: = 'localhost' else: = nic_name_to_host(self.nic_name) uri, self.pyro_ns, _ = Pyro4.naming.startNS(, port=self.port), self.port = self.pyro_ns.locationStr.split(':') self.port = int(self.port) thread = threading.Thread(target=self.pyro_ns.requestLoop, name='Pyro4 nameserver started by HpBandSter') thread.start() if not self.dir is None: os.makedirs(self.dir, exist_ok=True) self.conf_fn = os.path.join(self.dir, 'HPB_run_%s_pyro.pkl'%self.run_id) with open(self.conf_fn, 'wb') as fh: pickle.dump((, self.port), fh) return(, self.port)
[docs] def shutdown(self): """ clean shutdown of the nameserver and the config file (if written) """ if not self.pyro_ns is None: self.pyro_ns.shutdown() self.pyro_ns = None if not self.conf_fn is None: os.remove(self.conf_fn) self.conf_fn = None
def __del__(self): self.shutdown()