cave.plot.parallel_coordinates module

class cave.plot.parallel_coordinates.ParallelCoordinatesPlotter(config_to_cost, output_dir, cs, runtime=True)[source]

Bases: object

Plotting a parallel coordinates plot, visualizing the explored PCS. Inspired by:

  • config_to_cost (Dict[Configuration -> float]) – configurations to be considered for plotting mapped to estimated costs

  • output_dir (str) – output-filepath

  • cs (ConfigurationSpace) – configspace of this scenario

  • runtime (bool) – if True, the run_objective of this configurator run is runtime-optimization, if false it’s quality

plot_n_configs(num_configs, params)[source]
  • num_configs (int) – number of configs to be plotted

  • params (List[str]) – parameters to be plotted